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  • – 23. marts 2023CVE-2023-28758
    An issue was discovered in Veritas NetBackup before BPCD allows an unprivileged user to specify a log file path when executing a NetBackup command. This can be used to overwrite existing NetB …
  • – 23. marts 2023CVE-2023-28610
    The update process in OMICRON StationGuard and OMICRON StationScout before 2.21 can be exploited by providing a modified firmware update image. This allows a remote attacker to gain root access to the …
  • – 23. marts 2023CVE-2023-28772
    An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 5.13.3. lib/seq_buf.c has a seq_buf_putmem_hex buffer overflow. (CVSS:0.0) (Last Update:2023-03-23)
  • – 23. marts 2023CVE-2023-28611
    Incorrect authorization in OMICRON StationGuard 1.10 through 2.20 and StationScout 1.30 through 2.20 allows an attacker to bypass intended access restrictions. (CVSS:0.0) (Last Update:2023-03-23)
  • – 23. marts 2023CVE-2023-28470
    In Couchbase Server 5 through 7 before 7.1.4, the nsstats endpoint is accessible without authentication. (CVSS:0.0) (Last Update:2023-03-23)
  • – 23. marts 2023CVE-2023-28759
    An issue was discovered in Veritas NetBackup before 10.0. A vulnerability in the way NetBackup validates the path to a DLL prior to loading may allow a lower level user to elevate privileges and compr …
  • – 22. marts 2023CVE-2023-28664
    The Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter WordPress plugin, in versions < 1.3.1, is affected by a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability in the 'tax_name' parameter of the mdf_get_tax_opt …
  • – 22. marts 2023CVE-2023-28659
    The Waiting: One-click Countdowns WordPress Plugin, version
  • – 22. marts 2023CVE-2023-28660
    The Events Made Easy WordPress Plugin, version
  • – 22. marts 2023CVE-2023-28661
    The WP Popup Banners WordPress Plugin, version